Ansible is a “radically simple IT automation system.”

The easy_infra project includes and secures Ansible as a component due to its popularity and versitility in provisioning and managing systems as Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

easy_infra’s Ansible security uses tools such as KICS to semi-transparently assess the provided IaC against the defined security policy.

Ansible security is included in all of the easy_infra tags, including minimal, aws, az, and latest

Use Cases

If you use Software Version Control (such as git) to manage your Ansible IaC, consider executing ansible-playbook EXAMPLE.yml --check with easy_infra as a pipeline action on commit or pull request:

docker run -v $(pwd):/iac seiso/easy_infra:latest-minimal ansible-playbook EXAMPLE.yml --check


Configuring custom checks can be done by leveraging the robust Rego language, maintained by the, Open Policy Agent (OPA) offers useful resources for cloud native infrastructure administrators. Their example Terraform workflow is available here.

OPA also hosts The Rego Playground for testing custom Terrascan rules.