Easy Infra[structure as Code]

Getting Started

easy_infra is a docker container that simplifies and secures Infrastructure as Code deployments by running security scans prior to running IaC tools. It supports three main use cases:

  1. Experimentation by supporting interactive use and secure troubleshooting.

  2. Continuous Integration as a part of Pull/Merge Request validation.

  3. Continuous Deployment as an automated deployment tool.

In order to run your infrastructure code from within the container, volume mount your files into /iac and pass it your command, for example:

docker run -v $(pwd):/iac seiso/easy_infra:latest-terraform terraform validate

You can simplify your workflow further by using aliases. For instance, consider putting something like the following in your .zshrc, .bashrc, or similar:

alias terraform="docker run -v $(pwd):/iac seiso/easy_infra:latest-terraform terraform"

This will allow you to run simple terraform commands at the command-line, which will run transparently in easy_infra:

terraform validate
terraform plan
terraform apply

To learn more, check out our documentation and CONTRIBUTING.md.

Secure by default

This container provides security features by default. Deploying an environment using terraform would likely look something like this:

docker run -v $(pwd):/iac seiso/easy_infra:latest-terraform /bin/bash -c "terraform init && terraform apply -auto-approve"

What easy_infra does in this case is:

  1. Run a checkov security scan

  2. Run terraform init

  3. Identify if the filesystem changed, and only if so, run another checkov security scan

  4. Run terraform apply -auto-approve

Learning mode

The learning mode suppresses the exit codes of any injected validation or security tooling, ensuring the provided commands will run. This can be configured by setting the LEARNING_MODE environment variable to true, for instance:

docker run -e LEARNING_MODE=true -v $(pwd):/iac seiso/easy_infra:latest-terraform terraform apply -auto-approve