Easy Infra[structure as Code]

easy_infra is a docker container that simplifies and secures Infrastructure as Code deployments.

Getting Started

In order to run your code from within the container, volume mount your files into /iac and pass your command, such as terraform validate, as such:

docker run -v $(pwd):/iac seiso/easy_infra terraform validate

Secure by default

This container provides security features by default. Let’s say you are looking to deploy an environment using terraform:

docker run -v $(pwd):/iac seiso/easy_infra /bin/bash -c "terraform init && terraform validate && terraform apply"

What actually happens is that a security scan of your terraform code will be run prior to executing the first terraform command, regardless of what it is. If an issue is detected, it will exit with a non-zero status, preventing any subsequent execution of terraform.

While it’s not suggested, if you’d like to disable this behavior you have some options:

  • Set the SKIP_TFSEC environment variable to true.

docker run --env SKIP_TFSEC=true -v $(pwd):/iac seiso/easy_infra /bin/bash -c "terraform init && terraform apply"
  • Pass the --skip-tfsec argument to specific terraform commands. This

    argument is processed by easy_infra and removed prior to passing parameters to the terraform command.

docker run -v $(pwd):/iac seiso/easy_infra /bin/bash -c "terraform --skip-tfsec init && terraform apply --skip-tfsec"


  1. Fork the repository

  2. Create a feature branch via git checkout -b feature/description

  3. Make your changes

  4. Commit your changes via git commit -am 'Summarize the changes here'

  5. Create a new pull request (how-to)